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Are battery charger cases bad for smartphones battery?

by starbattery • April 22, 2018 • No Comments

A “charger case”( battery charger case ) is actually just a backup battery for your phone. It will extend the life of your internal battery.


Your phone has no idea what the source of external power is, only how much power is available. So to your phone, a battery case, a wall wart, all the same. The power manager in your phone deals with this.

When externally powered, your phone will run from that external power supply before using the internal battery. If you are doing something that requires more power than the external power supply — usually subject to the limits of USB power specs — can deliver, the internal battery is used in tandem with the external power.

And if there is power to spare, the external power will also be used to charge your internal battery, until it’s full anyway. It will never overcharge.

The end result is that external power, via battery or wall wart, will supplant the internal battery, causing less wear on that battery.

Dave Haynie, Electrical engineer and part-time mad scientist https://www.quora.com/profile/Dave-Haynie

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